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Core Drilling Services

Choose the right site for your mine with our guidance. 3D Dycus Diamond Drilling in Wytheville, Virginia, specializes in core drilling services for clients in resource extraction industries.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We have the essential equipment to handle any job. 3D operates 10-12 drills that can be used for either vertical or angle holes. Hole sizes range from A to 6" cores. We also offer a wide range of mounts, including:

• Truck Mounts
• Track Mounts
• Skid Rig Mounts
• 6-Wheel Drive Mounts

Dozer Services

Good preparation is the key to any successful drilling project. We have dozer capabilities and offer complete site preparation, including ground modification, water hauling, and reclamation services. These services are ideal for the construction industry.

Drilling for Any Resource

Find the resources your industry demands. Our core drilling services are ideal for finding:

• Gold
• Silver
• Coal
• Uranium
• Granite
• Limestone
• Sandstone
• Fracking Sand
• Gas-Contained Shale
• Coal Bed Methane

Tailored for Your Needs

Each of our clients has a different set of needs, so we tailor our services specifically to you. As a full-service drilling company, we can handle the entire job from start to finish, or we can do just a portion at a very competitive price. Simply contact us for a free estimate.